Monday, January 26, 2009

Family fun day - Saturday.

On Saturday, we tried to go swimming at the Lehi swimming pool. As we walked into the foyer of the Lehi recreation center we saw a big sign that said, “pool closed for the rest of the day”. Boy were we disappointed, but after we found out that someone pooped in the pool, we were glad to know that they wouldn't risk the health of their patrons. Since we were already in our swimming suits, we came up with a plan B. We ended up going to the American Fork pool instead. So, there aren't any of the really fun things that they have at the Lehi pool, but we still had a really fun time. We played volleyball with our beach ball. We were having such a great time playing that four or five other children came and joined in the fun.

We couldn't pass up going to Cabella's, since we were so close. Then we ate really yummy food at Rib City. We are glad that Shelly came up with the plans and joined us for the fun.

I'm a blogging slacker!

I love looking at other's blogs and I sometimes think, "What is going on with them, they haven't blogged in a while." My Mom said the same thing to me. I realized that I was a slacker on my blog. Jacob is still working on potty training. He is doing alright. The hardest part is for me is remembering to take him regularly. Thank goodness for pull-ups. It sure saves messy clean ups of little accidents. He likes to wear his underwear on top of his pull-ups. He doesn't like to go in big potty's, so that makes it interesting to try and get him to go in public restrooms. He still is telling the nursery leader that he has to pee, but when we try and take him he won't go.

He came out of his room the other day with a pull-up on his head, like a beanie. It was so funny, so of course he thought it was a fun game to make Mom and Dad laugh!

Where do you wear this thing?

He can have quite an attitude sometimes. If he doesn't want to do something, he will for sure let you know about it. Here is a picture of him with his "angry eyes".

A three day weekend!

Over Martin Luther King's weekend, we got to get away to our favorite place for the weekend, "F.G." as Jacob calls it, otherwise known as Fountain Green. We just relaxed for the weekend, watched movies, had naps and slept in. On Saturday, I got to go cross-country skiing up Maple Canyon with Shelly. The best part about it was that there was no inversion and pollution. It was about 40 degrees and a beautiful day to be out. We came back on Sunday evening and it was nice to have an extra day off on Monday to get things together. I even got to do a little shopping and found some great sales!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Vicks VapoRub anyone?

Well, we are already starting our second week back to school. Last week we were working on getting back to routines. Jake got off schedule over the break and the nap time got pushed back a bit, so last week we were trying to get him back on schedule. On Monday, Jake was watching his "ho, ho, choo, choo," otherwise known as the Polar Express. He hadn't yet fallen asleep, but Mark had already crashed, when he discovered my new, big bottle of Vicks VapoRub in the dresser. He loves Vicks, I think thanks to Grandma Linda. Well, he was still recovering from croop and while he was sick he looked forward to getting his Vicks rub down, so when he discovered the bottle he of course knew what to do with it. Rub it all over his chest, face, clothes, carpet, etc... and probably ate some as well. Mark finally woke up after the entire bottle was gone and Jacob was crying because of the burning in his eyes and I am sure everywhere else. It took two baths, three washings of his clothes, and shampooing of the carpet to clean up the mess. I wish I had a picture for you, but I had our camera with me at school. It must have been a sight. His clothes were just caked with Vicks. We still are finding little Vicks fingerprints on random things in the bedroom. He sure keeps us on our toes! It is good he is cute and that we really love him or he would really be in trouble.

He is getting older and is starting to potty train. It is really training the parents. He is starting to get the hang of it, but needs to be better at telling us when he needs to go. He told the nursery leaders each time he needed to "pee" even though he was in a diaper. They thought it was pretty funny! Life is an adventure and there is never a dull moment around here.