Friday, January 22, 2010

Fountain Green's Live Nativity, Dec. 20, 2009

We went to Fountain Green for the weekend to check on the house and relax. Wow, there was a lot of snow. When we checked the city bulletin board outside of the post office we saw that there was a live nativity going on that weekend. It was so amazing! You can park at the church and ride on a hay ride over to the location of the event.

They had a tent area where you watch a video on Jesus Christ. Then you walk though the scenes of the story of the birth of Christ. There are live actors representing the different areas such as Caesar Augustus, the tax office, the inns, the market places, the stables with live animals and a stable with the baby. They asked that you don't talk as you go through to help you feel the spirit. We didn't feel like it was appropriate to take pictures, but I did find some online from two years ago that I wanted to post. Also I found a youtube video about the event - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4FRHcAI1Pfo&feature=player_embedded#

It was a cold night, but we were so warmed by the spirit and also the hot chocolate and cookies that were served afterward. The two wards in town come together to host the event. This is an event that we would love to attend each year! Another new tradition that we would love to start and another reason to love Fountain Green even more.

A few days later, when we were home, Jacob brought over a little manger that his nursery teachers had given to him. He said, "Mom, you are Mary. I am Joseph. Here is baby Jesus. Look at him. Shh.. Be quiet." I am so glad that my darling three year old is learning about Jesus Christ and how we should look toward him and how we should show respect toward him.

I am glad we had this reminder about the true meaning of Christmas!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Abigail - Dec. 18, 2009

My niece, TeriAnn, had an adorable baby girl on Dec. 1. Her name is Abigail. I got to take some pictures of her. I love to take pictures and I had just got a new camera for Christmas. I couldn't put it under the tree and miss out on taking all of the photos leading up to Christmas. Here are a few of my favorites. We took a ton of fun shots!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Primary Children's Hospital - Dec. 12 & 13, 2009

The Baumgarten's have made and donated blankets to Primary Children's Medical Center for many years, but a few years ago after we went up in a horrible snowstorm they decided to donate to Utah Valley Hospital instead. Our family has special ties to PRMC, since that is where we spent the first two weeks of Jacob's life. We still donate special blankets and preemie outfits to the NICU.
I can't believe that those preemie outfits use to fit Jacob!
For the last few years we have stayed the night in Salt Lake City when we deliver the blankets. Then we do something fun to get us in the Christmas spirit. After delivering our things to the hospital, we went to lunch with Grandma Gerry and Steve at The Pie Pizzeria. Yummy! Then we checked into the Residence Inn. Shelly, Nathan and Grandma Linda stayed with us. Later that evening after some shopping and dinner, we went up to This Is The Place Heritage Park for their Candlelight Christmas event. It was so much fun! We saw Father Christmas and some of his reindeer. We wrote a letter and sent it to Father Christmas in the fire. We make several Christmas crafts and ornaments. We listened to stories and puppet shows, went through the elf village, rode the train, listened to carolers and saw a live nativity. It was such a fun experience to see how Christmas was celebrated over a hundred years ago. If you are wanting a fun Christmas event to go to, you won't want to miss this one next year.

Sunday morning, after breakfast and checking out of the hotel we went over to the Church History Museum. It was fun to see the many displays and enjoy the exhibits. It was such a great weekend!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Neighborhood Party - Dec. 11, 2009

We had our 2nd annual neighborhood party for our 30 - 40 something aged friends. Gerry and her group of friends have held neighborhood parties for nearly 30 years. Several of Mark's friends that grew up in the neighborhood have purchased homes in the same neighborhood. With encouragement from the older generation, we started having a neighborhood Christmas party for the younger generation. It was a bit hit last year and this year it was also a fabulously fun night. It is kind of fun to just have adult time with the neighbors. We had great food and fun games. It is great to get together with our friend and neighbors. A new tradition has begun! I am sure will still be holding them when we are 70+ just like Gerry and her group.

One of the favorite games was the unwrapping game. They have money and gift cards wrapped in between layers of wrapped presents. If you roll doubles, you get to put on the gloves, hat, and scarf and unwrap until someone else gets doubles. It gets pretty intense. We scored big both years. This year we got about $30.00 in cash or gift cards. The white elephant gift exchange is always entertaining as well. We had so much fun!
Way to use your teeth Mike!

Get that dollar, Mark!

Sammi is so dramatic!

Sammi loves to sing and be dramatic. We thought that we should channel that talent and put her in drama class. We actually have wanted to enroll her for the past few years, but it hadn't worked out in our schedule. This fall she started the Stage Crazy class of the Scera Youth Theater group. She has loved going to drama and looks forward to Wednesdays. They had a Christmas production on Dec. 8th & 9th. Sammi did awesome! She had a great time performing. She didn't even get nervous. She is looking forward to their spring production. They are doing The School House of Rock. She already knows all of the songs, because we have the DVD and watch it frequently in the van. She is excited to have a solo part! We are proud of her and glad that she is getting a chance to develop her talents!

The boys got to see Santa in the lobby before the production. Joe thought that he was too big to sit on his lap, but we did get him to stand by him. Jake was super excited to see him!

Hot Chocolate - Dec. 2009

Hot chocolate is always a favorite around our house in the winter. Jacob is a big fan of it as well. One evening he decided he needed all of his straws to drink his hot chocolate! He is pretty silly sometimes.

Festival of Trees - Dec. 2009

We went to the Festival of Tree with our friends Jeff, Julie and Anna. We had a fun time looking at all of the amazing trees, watching the talent acts, making crafts and seeing Santa. Afterward, we went to dinner with them. We always have a fun time with them!

Santa was asking if Jacob had been a good boy.
Well, Jacob is a bit mischievous sometimes, but he is awfully cute!

Baumgarten Childrens Christmas Party - Nov. 28, 2009

Each year Grandma Gerry has a Christmas party for all of her grandchildren. It often includes taking blankets that she usually makes with each of the families in advance to the hospital for the children and babies that are there. This year we started by delivering our blankets to UVRCM in Provo.
Then we went to Cheryl's house for creating fun! We made gingerbread houses.
I think that Jacob are more candy than he put on the house!
Uncle Karl has model trains that the kids get to drive. They love it!

This is the way Jacob and Addy play house!
We had a great time hanging out with our cousins and family.
We always have so much fun together!

Baumgarten Photo Shot - Nov. 26, 2009

Since Mark's brother, Alan and his family were in town for Thanksgiving, Grandma Gerry wanted to try and take family pictures. Well, my brother Nathan came over after Thanksgiving dinner and took pictures of the big clan. It was almost an impossible task to get that many people looking at the camera, without being silly. Well, here is what we ended up with.

Here is all of the group.
The grandchildren that were missing from the pictures were: Samantha & Joe (they were with their Mom), Carrie (in Texas), Luke & Dianna (they were SLC) & Jeanette (in Colorado).
Grandchildren & Great Grandchildren
Gerry & Children
Back row, L to R: Mark, Alan, Paul & Steve
Front row, L to R: Cheryl, Gerry, Jeanne, LeeAnn
Gerry, her children with their spouses.