Monday, March 23, 2009

Sammi the smarty

Sammi has had a really successful school year this year. She was the class winner for the geography bee and the spelling bee. She got to move on to the school competitions for both of those and did well. She took 6th place overall in the school spelling bee and she is only in fourth grade. She completed against the other class winners in the 4th, 5th and 6th grades. She also participated in the Timpanogos Storytelling festival. She was the overall winner for the fourth grade and got to tell her story The Gum Chewing Rattler by Joe Hayes to the entire school and the panel of judges She entertained the audience of about 750 with her amazing storytelling skills. She did such a great job! She didn't even act nervous even though she said that her legs felt like jello. Way to go Sammi! We are proud of your hard work and talents.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday, March 6, 2009

Feb. 24 - Draper Temple Open House

We got to go to the Draper Temple Open House on Tuesday, Feb. 24. We went right after school and missed all of the long lines and waiting. Jacob loves buses. His dreams came true that day when he finally got to ride on the bus from the church building up to the temple and back. He still talks about riding on the bus everyday.

When we were in the temple Jacob was so good. We took his stroller to keep him confined. It worked wonderfully. He was so quiet too. I think he knew that is was a special place. Joe was whispering to me, asking me a question and Jacob said, "Shh.. Joe." It was pretty cute. When we were in the sealing room both Sammi and Joe told us that this is where they wanted to get married. We told to them to always remember that and work toward that goal. It was nice to have the children in the temple with us all as a family.

Family Fun

We love spending time together! Jacob misses the kids so much when they are gone. He gets so excited on Fridays when they come back. We are so blessed to get to have them with us 50%. They bring so much fun, excitement and love in our home and family. One night we played the flour game. It is pretty fun, but a little messy. You compress flour in a small cup. Then turn the cup over a plate, leaving behind a compress pile of flour. Place a piece of candy or a penny on top. Then using a butter knife you take turns slicing away some of the flour. Whoever knocks the candy off the pile has to get it out of the flour with their mouth, without using their hands. I was the only one who didn't knock off the candy. Mark, Sammi and Joe all had to go searching for their piece of candy.