Monday, February 16, 2009

Bryce Canyon Winter Fest 2009

Mark and I went away for the weekend to celebrate Valentines, Mark's birthday and our 4th anniversary. We went to Bryce Canyon National Park. We stayed at Ruby's Inn. They were having their 24th annual Winter Festival. They have classes in archery, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, watercolor, kids arts/crafts, kayaking, photography, geocaching and more. There were ranger talks and cross-country ski and snowshoe tours with the rangers. All of the classes and events were free and they also provide the snowshoes or cross-country skis if you needed them. We had so much fun! We went into the park and saw most of the park. We went to a geology class and an astronomy class with the rangers. We went to an archery class and also a snowshoe tour. We went and watched the sunrise on Sunrise point. It was so pretty. The park is so amazing in the winter. We were tired, because we were so busy. We ended up having beautiful weather, it was a bit cold, but it is winter after all and we were prepared for it so it wasn't bad. We would love to take the whole family down next year. The kids would love it! It was such a fun weekend. Thanks Shelly and Mom for keeping Jacob for the weekend. While we were there we bought our Annual pass to the National Parks and so we are now thinking about how we can see as many National Parks as possible. What fun lies ahead for us!

Feb. 7, 2009 - Eagle Day

We went to Eagle Day in Fountain Green. There was a display up at the fish hatchery along with a map of good viewing areas in Sanpete County. You drive around to the viewing areas to look for eagles. We had such a nice day. It was a beautiful day. The kids were so good. Shelly and Grandma came along with us. We saw 18 bald eagles and 4 golden eagles. We also saw a few hawks. The kids had so much fun looking through the binoculars. Jacob even had his little kaleidoscope that he kept looking through, thinking he was looking at the eagles. Shelly has some more great pictures that she will post on her blog.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Oh, Boy! My boy!

I was getting ready for school today. I had made Jacob his peanut butter and jam sandwich and he was suppose to be eating while I went to the bathroom for a second to put in my contacts and a little bit of make-up. Which is a rare thing. This evening I had my parent conferences and I wanted to look better than my usual, natural look. I heard Jacob say, "Mom, mmm." Well, I was thinking that he just thought that his sandwich was good. As I went in the kitchen to check on him this is what I found. He reached up on the counter and got the jar of peanut butter. He took the lid off and decided that he wanted some, so why not with both hands. He had his hands in his mouth and was saying mmm...

I was trying to hurry and get a few things done that I needed to do for parent conferences tonight. Of course, I can never be early or even on time for anything. There always seems to be something exciting like this going on at our house. A few weeks ago it was Vicks Vaporub, now peanut butter! At least peanut butter doesn't sting like vicks and it probably tastes better too!

I can't leave him alone for even a minute. He always seems to find some trouble to get into! Boy, I love this messy boy, even if he makes me tired and causes a lot of clean-up for Mom!

Mmm, mmm, finger licking good!