Thursday, September 24, 2009

Granite Flats - July 19 -21

We went camping with Brandon, Christie and Addie up at Granite Flats campground in American Fork. I love American Fork canyon! I spent a lot of time there camping as a child with my family. It was always a favorite spot. We took Shelly's trailer and had a fun time up there. We went fishing at Silver Lake Flats. Jacob and Addie had a great time playing in the water, fishing, riding the wiggle cars and playing together.

Lamb Day, July 2009

So I am only about two months behind, but life has been a little busy.

Lamb day was on July 18. We had an awesome time with family and friends. We had all of Aunt Cora's kids and their families there. We had our traditional family talent show. Sammi and Joe sang, told jokes, and we told a nursery rhyme with Jake. What talent we have! There were so many people there that we took down Shelly's trailer for more beds and an extra toilet.
Some of the highlights and traditional favorites:
1. The parade - Sammi and Joe got to ride in Bob's truck and throw candy!
2. Making lamb sandwiches.
3. The dunking booth - Sammi and Joe had fun cooling off! It was a hot day!
4. The Sheeper Creeper and games at the park.
5. The sawdust dive.
6. Castco icecream bars and tons of yummy food!
7. Fireman's Raffle drawing - we won a 10' dutch oven and dinner at the Burger Bar!